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Dutch parliamentarians consider possible extension of euthanasia law

Sarah Wootton, Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying, said:

“The assisted dying law we advocate for the UK would be available only to terminally ill, mentally competent adults with less than six months to live, under strict safeguards. This model is based on one that has operated safely and effectively in Oregon, USA, for the past 19 years – where there has been no extension of the law beyond the criteria of terminal illness and where palliative care has remained among the best in the country. We do not seek to introduce a Dutch style law in the UK.

“The fact that Dutch parliamentarians are considering a possible extension of their own euthanasia laws is not evidence that introducing an assisted dying law in the UK for terminally ill, mentally competent adults would later be extended by British parliamentarians beyond this criteria. Britain will get the law that the British Parliaments pass. It is important that we get the right law for British people – 82% of whom support assisted dying for terminally ill adults – one that has been proven to work and has remained unchanged for almost 20 years in Oregon.”


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Notes to Editor

Dignity in Dying campaigns for greater choice, control and access to services at the end of life. It advocates providing terminally ill adults with the option of an assisted death, within strict legal safeguards, and for universal access to high quality end-of-life care.