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Deborah Annetts, Dignity in Dying

Deborah Annetts, Dignity in Dying’s Chief Executive responds to RCP consultation on assisted dying

“The most recent major survey of all doctors in the UK showed that nearly two thirds of them feel patients and doctors would be better protected by a more transparent law that allowed patient choice. [2004 Medix UK]

“The RCP consultation process was deeply flawed. It is deeply disappointing that the RCP gave up the position of neutrality before it even consulted members.

“This was a narrow and rapid “consultation” on assisted dying. The College gave its members only 48 hours to respond to the revised question and hence it is very unlikely that this is representative of doctors’ views. Indeed, we know of doctors who support Lord Joffe’s Bill who were not able to respond in the 48-hour timeframe.

“The consultation seems to have been run with the aim of achieving a pre-ordained result.”