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Canada submits Assisted Dying Bill

In response to the publication of an Assisted Dying Bill by the Canadian Government, Sarah Wootton Chief Executive of Dignity in Dying said:

“The Canadian Government has listened to the Canadian people and its Supreme Court. It has come forward with a Bill they believe best meets the needs of dying Canadians, providing choice to people who are suffering and protection to vulnerable people.”

“Every country must decide for themselves how to address the issue of dying people being denied choice and control over their own deaths. Sadly, Parliaments in this country, both in Westminster and in Holyrood, chose to do nothing to address the issue when provided the opportunity. Their inaction has allowed unnecessary suffering to continue.”

“Whilst Canada is now pursuing a law different from one that Dignity in Dying propose for the U.K., the Canadian experience provides a model to our elected representatives. It shows a Government and a Parliament listening to their citizens on assisted dying. Canada, unlike the U.K., has decided not to ignore the pleas of dying people and the public.”


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