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Why write to your local newspaper.

Dorothy’s interview in local newspaper Eastbourne Herald covers a lot of campaigning ground. At the root of her piece is her desire for us all to have greater individual choice at the end of life, and no doubt this will resonate with many of the people of Eastbourne on a personal level. As well as this, by writing to her local paper, Dorothy will have grabbed the attention of local decision-makers – such as MPs and Peers – without having to leave her armchair.

Dignity in Dying will do all it can to promote the issues in Parliament, and maintain momentum in the national news, but the regional and personal impact writing to your local newspaper affords the campaign is vital to lobbying MPs in their constituencies all over the country. Raising awareness in your local community to encourage those around you to talk about their support is worthwhile way to lobby your MP and to create a sense of urgency. Continuing to apply pressure at a local level could be a game-changer, and we need your help to do that.