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Two years ago

This week marked the two-year anniversary of what was a significant victory for our campaign in the House of Lords.

It may seem a long time ago, but those who have supported us for some time know it was a pivotal moment in our campaign as a majority of peers voted in favour of a change in the law.

The historic vote in the House of Lords was the result of a long, coordinated campaign on a massive scale.

Months, if not years of planning resulted in our supporters writing thousands of letters and emails to peers in the House of Lords convincing them of the need for a change in the law.

Why re-live the past?

We’re not remembering the past out of sheer nostalgia, rather we want people to realise just what it takes to shift opinion. Careful, coordinated campaigning at scale meant we were able to shift the House of Lords from 60:40 against to 60:40 in favour.

Being able to shift the debate from how, not if, we change the law took years of campaigning, time that we simply did not have in the run-up to the debate in the House of Commons.

What now?

So…we know what it takes to convince someone in Parliament that the law needs to change,

…we have an army of supporters up and down the country willing to get started…

…and now we have perhaps the most high-profile, timely reminder of exactly why the current law must change.

Two weeks ago, Noel Conway, one of our members revealed he is taking the Government to court which could result in a change to the law on assisted dying.

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I speak for everyone here at Dignity in Dying when I say that we are humbled to be able to support Noel in his fight, but he shouldn’t have to go to court to argue for the death he wants.

The outpouring of support for Noel and his legal case have been touching, and not just from members of the public. Below, one MP shows that slowly but surely the tide is turning.

We know what’s needed to change the law, and you, our supporters, will play a massive part in doing so. As we’ve said before in this campaign, we are here to give you and people like Noel a voice.

Together we will change the law.