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The Townswomen’s Guild vote in favour of assisted dying

On Wednesday the 12th of June over 1,750 members of the Townswomen’s Guild voted in favour of a motion to support the campaign for assisted dying at their AGM in Harrogate.

The event was attended by Townswomen’s Guild patron HRH Princess Anne, Vice-President Esther Rantzen and Dignity in Dying CEO Sarah Wootton.

Alva de Chiro, the Townswomen’s Guild member who tabled the motion, said:

“This is an issue I have cared about for a long time now, and I am delighted to have had the opportunity to help support the Dignity in Dying campaign, and to have the support of my fellow Townswomen in that is fantastic.

As both my husband and mother endured horrible deaths, their suffering and deaths influence me today. I am passionate about the mandate that terminally ill, mentally competent people should have choice and the right to assisted dying.”

The delegates agreed that the issue of assisted dying will be pursued by the Guild, both nationally and, via members’ actions, at a more local level.


Strong support

Why should another person decide that suffering at the end of life should be endured and continue to be endured by someone else? Let’s be compassionate

The Townswomen’s Guild was established in 1928 in the wake of women gaining the vote, by leading figures in the suffragette movement. They wanted to create an organisation aimed at ordinary women living in towns and cities.

Today the organisation has 34,000 members across the UK that meet regularly to develop skills, exchange ideas, and organise charitable events nationwide.

Dignity in Dying is proud to have the weight of this passionate and progressive group behind the campaign.

HRH Princess Anne herself praised the organisation for addressing the issue, saying:

I hope it will inspire new members, the fact you take the trouble to discover more than the headlines behind these subjects.


Add your voice

If you are a member of an organisation like Townswomen’s Guild and would like to support the campaign to legalise assisted dying, please contact us for more information.