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The public to MPs: Fix our broken law

The public have really got behind the campaign in support of the Assisted Dying Bill, using their voice and their money to send a powerful message to MPs: The law on assisted dying is broken and it is Parliament’s responsibility to fix it.

Now, with the help of our Patron Sir Patrick Stewart, Dignity in Dying supporters are pledging their support to crowd-fund a billboard campaign to make their voices heard by MPs. Their message is clear: 82% of the public support law change on assisted dying and, on Friday 11 September, we want MPs to join them and vote in support of the Assisted Dying Bill.

An example of the crowd-funded billboard
An example of the crowd-funded billboard

Originally this campaign was to fund just 10 billboards, but when the project was fully funded in under two days we decided to see how far we can push things – how many billboards do we need before Parliament sits up and takes notice?

One thing is clear, with just weeks until the Assisted Dying Bill is debated, the public expects Parliament to do its job and fix our broken law.