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A message to Parliamentarians: You can’t turn a blind eye to this

This week we launched a new advertising campaign to send a clear message to our Parliamentarians – it’s time to do something about suffering at the end of life.

The adverts, which will feature in Westminster tube station and political magazines, are part of our #untiltheend campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the Assisted Dying Bill and reinforce to members of the House of Lords that they need to support the Bill when it is debated on Friday 18 July. My thanks to Jackie, Steve and Linda for sharing their stories:

The posters tellĀ the truth about what is happening behind closed doors every day and we can’t turn a blind eye to it.

Dr Jacky Davis

London Underground Advert
Real stories that show the very urgent need to change the law on assisted dying


To get behind the campaign please visitĀ