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In Memory of George Martin


I am of sound mind, I have loved my life, and feel very proud of many things, not least my family, but now I want to be allowed to die with dignity.

The courageous campaigner, George Martin, who died on the 12th of March 2013.


Change the law


George Martin imageGeorge had terminal lung cancer. He decided to starve himself in order to control his own death, and in protest against current UK laws preventing assisted dying. His story was covered in national and local media and led to a poll, the results of which found overwhelming support for George’s right to control his death.

Unfortunately the positive results of the poll had no impact on George’s suffering. He survived on an occasional glass of water and teaspoon of morphine, when the pain got too much, until he passed away, in his sleep, in the early hours of March 12th.

The response to Georges’ campaign was tremendous . Many people got in touch with us to show their admiration for George’s commitment and bravery, while also expressing remorse that a person was required to suffer in such a way in order to have some control over their death.


Act now to end future suffering


George had been a member of Dignity in Dying for fifteen years. His daughter, Sara, said:

“He was a lovely man who lived his life to the full, and for what he believed in.

“He was pleased that his story got so much exposure; he just wanted to get the message out there and try and improve things for vulnerable like-minded adults like himself.

“If there could be a meaningful debate or even a law change then that really would be a true, lasting memory for dad.”

If you would like to join our campaign to prevent unnecessary suffering like George’s from happening in the future, by enabling terminally ill, mentally competent adults the right to the choice of an assisted death with upfront safeguards , you can do so here.

If you’re already a member find out how you can make a real difference to the campaign in 2013 here.