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Dignity is fundamental in care for elderly people.

EHRC commissioner Baroness Sally Greengross, who led the report, commented: “Two messages came out loud and clear. This poor care mustn’t continue. And one of the ways to stop it continuing is to close the loophole, which means that any care that’s commissioned by a local authority or another public body should come under the Human Rights Act so people are protected from abuse.”

Compassion in Dying has echoed these calls.  The findings of this report are deeply distressing. The principle of dignity in care is fundamental and should provide the foundation for all other elements of care. Everyone, regardless of their age or place of care must be afforded dignity in the planning and delivery of that care.

We are shocked that Councils seem to be able to contract themselves out of their obligations under the Human Rights Act.

The Government must build on this report by the EHRC, as well as earlier work by the Law Commission, to reform social care law and delivery to ensure that the dignity of people receiving care are home is protected in law and valued and promoted in practice.

If you have concerns about the care you or one of your loved ones is receiving please don’t hesitate to contact Compassion in Dying on 0800 999 2434.