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Debate: One Week to Go.

MPs will be asked whether they welcome the compassionate approach taken to the existing law, as outlined in the DPP’s policy. Activists from around the country, as well as patrons of Dignity in Dying, have written to their MP to urge them to support the guidance – and thanks to everyone’s efforts we’ve had an excellent response. But, with only a short amount of time left, we need to keep applying pressure.


Importantly, there’s still time to share your views with your MP and ensure that you are represented when the debate takes place. You can also help to publicise the debate by writing to your local newspaper or sharing this blog with your family and friends.


If your MP votes against the motion they will be sending the message that people who compassionately assist a loved one to die should be treated in precisely the same way as someone who acts with malicious intent. This view does not encapsulate public mood and is neither sensible nor humane. Let’s make sure the debate is well-informed and productive.


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