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The Big Questions: Should assisted dying be legal?

“…we were comfortable in the fact that he was dying peacefully and in a highly dignified manner” Lesley Close speaks about the death of her brother, John, at Dignitas.

 Supporters of assisted dying took part in a debate on BBC1’s The Big Questions on Sunday 16th of February: ‘Should assisted dying be legal?’ You can watch the show on BBC iPlayer from 18:00mins


“For far too many friends and relatives, their legacy is not a life well lived but a grim death in difficult circumstances…we ought to be ashamed and even angry that we don’t allow people to die with the dignity they seek”


There were some very supportive tweets made using The Big Questions hashtag #bbctbq especially when Dignity in Dying Patron and co-editor of “Assisted Dying: who makes the final decision?” spoke about the death of her terminally ill brother, John, at Dignitas.

You can read some of the tweets below: